one o f those days where im rping with daine and sleep has to interrupt?? who tf do you think u are??? sleep i dont need this bullshit. i need to rp.


                "Fuck what Saix says. I'll protect you."


                "Fuck what Saix says. I'll protect you."

we are disgusting send us to jail

I am aware you have a problem with my Roxas post, I don't give too shits about your interpretation vs my interpretation of that scene is but how dare you question whether or not I have Played Kingdom Hearts 2. My Blog is 90% Kingdom Hearts I have played every English released kingdom hearts game and I would greatly appreciate if you would not question that ever again.

"It’s too late…"


ok so i used to like. be really enamored with the warriors series and was convinced that i was a cat in a previous life so i would pretend to be a cat with my best friend and we would walk around the school and meow at each other in a ‘secret cat language’ and then on the weekends we would go into the woods and fucking CRAWL around and pretend we were warrior cats. i was fuckin leader of shadowclan and she was leader of windclan. it was dope


my lazy ass has been walking around with a bed head all fuckin day


people who don’t like sansa stark need jesus